Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Megann BranlardMegann Branlard
1st Time Pass
I would highly recommend Tim if your are looking to take driving lessons, he asked me how I felt about driving and asked what I wanted in my very first lesson. We achieved what I wanted. He was very patient with me throughout the process and helped me overcome my fears. He instilled confidence in me and week by week he re-assured me I was doing better. He was very easy to understand but if there was something I didn't understand I knew I could tell him and he would explain it a different way for me. He told me when he thought I was ready for my test and listened to how I felt about it. He took my feelings into consideration but still drove me forward to attempt new things every week. I was very nervous about learning to drive and I'm so glad I chose Tim to teach me! I am now driving on my own and I feel comfortable and confident to make good decisions on my own, his confidence in me and constant re-assurance has really helped me to over-come my fears and I am so grateful for his guidance. I hope this is the kind of thing you can publish on your website and I hope it helps you to get more business. Thank you so much for taking me on, I'm sure it wasn't easy at times! But I really appreciate it and I'm so glad it's over and I can go anywhere I want whenever I want! Kind Regards Megann Branlard

Tony MadzimureTony Madzimure
Great Pass
What an amazing learning experience! After having failed my test 3 times previously and not driven for 18months, I found myself needing to pass my test urgently. Tim immediately structured out a plan to help us achieve our goal. Every lesson was very enjoyable and beneficial. Tim is a very attentive and experienced instructor who has a great understanding of the details you need to progress towards passing your test. He is honest, detailed and very accurate in his assessments and teaching; enabling you to achieve your goal. Having had other instructors in the past, can honestly say Tim goes above and beyond ensuring he provides the best service. His attention to detail and understanding of utilising a variety of techniques and resources will progress your driving ability. 100% Recommend! Thank You For Everything Tim!

Harriet Teddle McGonigleHarriet Teddle McGonigle
Great Pass, Only 3 driver faults !
I started to learn to drive with Tim on my 17th Birthday, after 2 months I have passed ! Tim's a great instructor & mentor, he guided me through each and every lesson, making me feel relaxed with his friendly approach. Tim was always punctual and professional, helping me plan all my lessons around my schooling. Can't believe I;m driving independently now. Thanks Tim

Samantha Hallam
Passed first time after 18 year break !
After failing my driving test 3 times when I was 17 years old due to nerves & lack of confidence, I decided to quit. I found learning to drive highly stressful & never thought I could achieve a pass. After 18 years had passed I was 35 years old. I had a Husband & 3 Children and in a situation that made life difficult for myself & my family through not being able to drive. I decided to face my fears of driving & start again.

I found Tim Clarke online & gave him a call & quickly arranged a lesson. I immediately felt at ease with Tim. Tim has a lovely calm way to coach & guide you through lessons. Due to gaining confidence I was able to make progress. On the lead up to my test Tim helped me develop a positive mindset & visualise passing my test. Having positive thoughts meant my nerves didn't control me. I thought, it's just a test & if I don't pass then I just need to try again. On the day of my test I told myself I can do this over & over again. Finally passing my test was such a fantastic feeling! If you are nervous, lack confidence or suffer from driving anxiety don't give up you can do it!

I passed on 30th August 2018 with just 2 minors. If I can do it so can You! Tim - thanks a million! All the best, Samantha Hallam

Ceri BraithwaiteCeri Braithwaite
1st Time Pass
Hi Tim, Just wanted to say a big thank you for teaching me how to drive. A big step that I was actually quite nervous about, became a really fun and comfortable experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though we had a planned tick sheet to go through, every lesson still felt personal to me. The best bit was that I had so much trust in your teaching I was more confident in taking a leap in just going for it and to try new things- especially In my first few lessons. A big thankyou, couldn't have done it without you! Shall miss it! Ceri xx

Sonya Packer
Passed First Time
I cannot recommend Tim highly enough as a driving instructor. I find accepting constructive criticism difficult and knew that finding the right instructor for me was likely to be difficult. I struck gold first time with Tim. He has an open relaxed approach which instantly made me feel comfortable with him. He explained clearly anything that I needed to work on and made driving after a break of over 12 years an absolute pleasure. His confidence in my abilities and reassurances when I needed them, made passing my test 1st time a breeze despite the obvious nerves that I had. Tim thank you for the time that you invested in me teaching me how to drive. I will always be grateful to you.

Ollie FaberOllie Faber
First Time Pass
After a long period of learning with a few instructors and a long gap, I decided to try a 15 hour course with Tim. Straight away I felt at ease, his methods gave me an understanding of everything I needed to know. Definitely recommend this guy !!

Abbi TraceyAbbi Tracey
Fantastic pass
Tim was the second instructor that I learnt to drive with. I was reasonably nervous about driving, but Tim was very calm and gave me confidence. Lessons were always tailored to my needs. Tim is a great driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone!

Abby TillbrookAbby Tillbrook
Passed First Time
Thank you for helping me pass my driving test first time! And always being supportive within my lessons, I always felt comfortable and at ease when driving! Starting my lessons in October and passing in January was great, I would definitely recommend for my friends and others who want to pass their driving test quickly, Thank you Tim!

Lauren GyteLauren Gyte
First Time Pass
Thanks Tim , learning in 30 hrs was really tough for me, considering my nerves. You really helped focus me and believed in me. Well done Lauren, its all about belief in yourself. I knew you could do it. Wave when you pass me in your new car.

Jacob WoodcockJacob Woodcock
Great Pass !
Tim is a great driving Instructor, his calm and collected style really helped me to control my nerves, especially running up to my test.Tim planned the lessons around my needs, enabling me to build confidence in the areas i initially found difficult. I would reccomend him to anyone. Well done Jacob, an impressive pass considering your nervousness. Enjoy your driving and please stay safe.